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- 2x French naxy 265m Large embroidered Hoodies (£28)

- 1x XXL, 1x L White 180m L/C+ Back DTG T (£14.50)

- 1x XXL, 1x L Black 180m Center chest DTG (£11.75)

- 1x XXL White 180m center chest DTG  (£11.75)

- 2x L white 180m Center chest DTG (£11.75)

- 1x M Native spirit coach jacket Black, L/C Embroidery (£30.50) 

- 1x L Sports grey 265m Center chest Emb (£26.50)

- 3x Logo set up Fees (£30 Per unit) 

- 1x Shipping Fee (£10)

Technical Difficulties Clothing

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