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As colour sample Staple Ts  (£15.25 Per unit) (£274.50)

6x Black large (Large back print + LC)

6x Marl grey large (Medium Front print + Medium back)

6x white large (Large back + Lc)


Customer Supplied 'Run of one"

6x LC prints (£3 per transfer) (£18)


Customer supplied garments 

6x Grey Ts (Large back + Lc) (£7 per unit) (£42)

3x Grey Seat shirts (Large back + LC)(£7 Per unit)(£21)

3x Black sweats (LC, Rc, Back print)(£8.75 per unit)(£26.25)

3x white Ts (LC,RC, Back)(£8.75 per unit) (£26.25)

6x black Ts (Front, back)(£7 per unit) (£42)


Total working Time (1 and 1/2 days) ( additional £100 for sunday work, Priority, Long duration of job Due to comunication, logo faults etc)


Gemma artwork fee £30







Over Over Samples

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